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Movin' and Groovin' campaign for MTS San Diego 2012-2013 

Working with Mantooth Productions, DoubleTake Media Solutions was hired to create five commercial spots to promote the "Tap n Ride" cards for San Diego MTS.

Initially I was hired to animate, but because we were a small team, I also began to storyboard, create audio effects, and assistant direct the last three commercials, along with continuing to animate (those are my birds flying into the air!)  Most if the characters were drawn by our art director, but I did clean up some characters, like "sweater vest guy" and "woman on the beach".  

The characters were all created in Adobe Photoshop, animated in After Effects, and exported with sound effects in Premiere.

Above video: Emmy Nominated for Best Animation

Metropolitan Transit System "Tap 'n Ride" Commercial

by The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Pacific Southwest Chapter

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